Shielding the direct line of sight to the sun, or other concentrated bright light source, reduces the contrast between surfaces and prevents glare.

Direct sunlight on critical task areas (e.g., work areas, desk, TV or computer screens, reading areas, etc.), and the presence of high brightness in the field of view, causes a high degree of contrast between surfaces or uncomfortable glare.

Block the direct line of sight to the sun using the following strategies:

  • East/West Glazing: horizontal or vertical louvers (internal or external)
  • Solar Glazing (facing the equator): light shelves or horizontal louvers (internal or external)
  • Other Glazing (facing the poles): vertical louvers

Make louvers a light color to reflect daylight into a space. An exterior louvered overhang above solar glazing allows more daylight into a space while also blocking unwanted summer sun.