A climate-based building facade is a filter, between exterior and interior that creates comfortable internal living conditions.

Climate-based component facade design strategies include:

Hot Climates:

  • Passive cooling
  • Shaded walls and glazing
  • Natural ventilation
  • Reflected daylighting
  • Light exterior colors
  • Insulation (min.): RSI 2.8 (R 16)
  • Glazing: double

Mixed Climates:

  • Warm Season: Passive cooling, shaded gazing, reflected daylighting.
  • Cold Season: Passive solar heating, daylighting.
  • Insulation (min.): RSI 3.5 (R 20)
  • Glazing: double (thermal break)

Cold Climates:

  • Passive solar heating, daylighting.
  • Insulation (min.): RSI 4.1 (R 23)
  • Glazing: double (thermal break, moveable insulation)  

Strategies may vary with a detailed analysis. For masonry walls, use 1/3 the insulation value (minimum) in hot, 1/2 in temperate, and 2/3 in cold climates. Locate insulation on the exterior face of masonry walls.