Another approach for admitting winter sunlight into a space for heating is through solar-facing (facing the equator) clerestories and sloped skylights.

This approach is appropriate for increased privacy, shading of the solar façade, heating deep spaces and spaces located along other facades, avoiding direct sunlight on people and furniture, and to avoid glare.

Clerestory and skylight design guidelines:

  • Clerestory/Sloped Skylight – to supply heat down into a space, locate a clerestory or skylight 1 to 1.5 times its height above the floor in front of an interior wall.
  • Sawtooth Clerestory – make the clerestory roof angle equal to, or less than, the angle of the sun at noon on the winter solstice.
  • Horizontal Skylight – use a solar facing reflector with skylights to increase winter solar gain.

Make the ceilings of clerestories and sloped skylights a light color, and shade roof glazing in summer.