In hot-dry climates, evaporative cooling towers will cool outdoor air and circulate it to a space or building.

Evaporating water at the top of a cooling tower creates a downdraft of cooler air that can then be circulated to a specific space or area. The amount of cool air from the tower is dependent on outdoor humidity, the height of the tower, and the amount of water being evaporated.

Configure an evaporative cooling tower:

  • A minimum of twice the height of the space to be cooled, with
  • A cross-sectional area of approximately
    • 3 m2 (33 ft2) for residential applications
    • 6 m2 (64 ft2) for commercial applications

The higher the tower, the greater the amount of air delivered. Make the area of the outlet opening (delivering the cooled air) as large as the cross-section of the cooling tower.