Mixed-use development, combined with higher residential densities, encourages transit ridership and walking.

The proportion of multifamily to single-family units may vary in a Transit-Oriented District (TOD), but the overall residential density should reach the ‘minimum average’ for the entire TOD and transit service provided.

Recommended ‘minimum average’ residential density for TOD type and transit service:   units per hectare (units per acre)

Bus Service

  • Core: 20 (50)
  • Center: 10 (25)
  • Village: 6 (15)

Rail Service

  • Core: 30 (75)
  • Center: 16 (40)
  • Village: 15 (30)

As residential density increases, transit ridership increases and becomes more economically viable. Actual densities should be determined by local conditions and public transit capacities.